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We offer many different services. Our training and experience have prepared us to help, to reassure, and to understand when a family faces the loss of a loved one. We are here to replace confusion with calm, doubts with certainty, and questions with answers. We provide a quiet gentleness in an atmosphere of dignity, efficiency, and trust. We believe your service choice is a personal decision. We explain the options available, then allow you to make your own decisions.


"Traditional Services"

Every family is different, and not everyone wants the same type of funeral. Funeral practices are influenced by religious and cultural traditions, costs, and personal preferences. These factors help determine whether the funeral will be elaborate or simple, public or private, religious or secular, and where it will be held. They also influence whether the body will be present at the funeral, if there will be a viewing or visitation, and if so, whether the casket will be open or closed, and whether the remains will be buried or cremated.


Among the choices you will need to make is whether you want one of these basic types of funerals, or something in between. Traditional service options include the traditional full service funeral, direct burial, or direct cremation. To learn more about the options available to you, please click here.


Cremation Services

With cremation services, we believe you should be able to choose the type of service that you find most meaningful. That's why our list of services includes many options. Click here for more information on Cremation services.


Additional Services

Non-Traditional Burial, Entombment or Cremation without visitation. For this type of funeral service, you select the services and merchandise from several itemized options.


Private family viewing. A private viewing is limited to one hour. Additional charges will be made for a viewing lasting more than one hour or during times other than office hours.


A Memorial Service is the same as a traditional service, except the body is not present for the visitation or the funeral. The private family viewing explained above also applies here.


Traditional Transfer allows you to select the type of services and merchandise for local arrangements and then the remains are transferred out of town for final services.


A Private Graveside Service is designed for those who want a ground burial or interment of cremated remains with a service only at the cemetery. Itemized options may be selected at the family's discretion.


Private Family Viewing with Shipment is designed for those who want a family viewing, but no other visitation prior to shipment of the casketed remains. Itemized options are also available to the family.


Receiving Services are for those who want remains transferred to our facilities for final services. Itemized options are available.


Direct Transfer is when there is to be no local service and the remains are to be shipped to a funeral home out of town.


Personalization - a "Celebration of Life"

All of our services can be customized to meet a family's needs or wishes. Increasingly, we find individuals want to create a memorial that reflects a more personalized and meaningful tribute. We are always available to help you plan and design a memorial that fully reflects your wishes.


A memorial celebrates a life lived, and can take many forms. Whatever your wishes, we will be pleased to give you full details about our products and services, and help you make your decision. We will also make sure that any memorial you choose meets all your specifications to reflect your loved one's life.


Every funeral service should be a memorable, warm reflection of the person who has died. Photographs, a special song, even a favorite tie or golf clubs, can be incorporated into the funeral service to make it more meaningful. You tell us what it is that made your loved one so special and we'll give you ideas for personalizing the service.


Click here to view some of our personalization options.


Embalming Policy

Although Illinois law does not require embalming, embalming may be necessary if you select certain funeral arrangements, such as a funeral with a viewing. If you do not wish for embalming to occur, you have the right to choose an arrangement such as direct cremation or immediate burial.


If you choose no embalming, it is our policy that we be notified prior to transporting the deceased to the funeral home. A body that has not been embalmed will be permitted in our funeral home for no longer than 48 hours.

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