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With deep roots in the Riverside community, Brian Kuratko continues the 3rd generation of the Kuratko family funeral service to our village and nearby communities. Brian was raised on Herrick Road and Delaplaine Road in Riverside. He attended St. Mary’s School and then attended Fenwick High School graduating in 1987. Brian, as a youngster in Riverside, dedicated his early life to giving back to the Village of Riverside in several capacities.


Brian worked as a newspaper delivery boy for the Riverside News Agency. The news agency was located in the rear of which is now the National City Bank on Burlington. Brian was assigned Route 4B and he delivered the Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times to the residents that live in and around Blythe Park School. Brian delivered to all the homes on Eastgrove, Leesley, Arlington, Kent and Selbourne Roads. He even asked his parents for help delivering the paper during the Blizzard of 1979! During his route he was able to make many friends that he still sees after all these years. Your news boy has become your funeral director after all these years!


Brian later worked at the Riverside Swim Club. Brian was assigned to the dreaded “basket room” and then checked swim club id’s at the front entrance. Brian enjoyed this job and even though he was not old enough, took and passed the lifeguard exam after securing his passing grade from the bottom of the 12 foot pool. Again, Brian enjoyed his experience at the Swim Club and can still name everyone he worked with there and still sees current Riverside residents that worked there at the same time.


Brian then joined the staff at the Brookfield Zoo. He was hired as a Park Service Officer and was able to lead the Zoo visitors around the park and enforce simple safety rules that Brookfield Zoo had enacted. Brian saw many Riverside residents at the zoo and would enjoy seeing them. In later years, Brian would return to Brookfield Zoo as a part-time police officer who continued to serve and protect the visitors at the park.


After serving his local community, Brian made the conscious decision to continue in his family’s footprint and enter the Chicago City-Wide College of Mortuary Science. In June of 1989, Brian became the 3rd generation of Illinois licensed funeral directors of the Kuratko family. Unfortunately, being a small family business, Brian was unable to be a full-time funeral director in Riverside. Brian chose to serve his first eighteen months as a funeral director for the Modell Funeral Homes located in Chicago and Darien. Brian was able to learn firsthand from a well respected family owned funeral home and he hopes that the Modell family also learned some things from him. Brian then returned to his family owned funeral home in North Riverside on a part-time basis until Grandpa retired.


During this time, Brian always had a keen interest in law enforcement. Brian began to apply for and test for several local communities as a police officer while continuing to act as a funeral director. In October of 1990, the Village of Lyons contacted Brian and asked if he would be interested in serving as a police officer for that community. Now, being that Lyons is right next door to Riverside, Brian readily accepted the position. Brian was also later offered similar positions with the Village of Westchester and the City of St. Petersburg in Florida as well as the Florida Highway Patrol. Brian chose to stay local and is now commemorating his twenty years of service as a Police Commander with the Lyons Police Department. Brian is also celebrating his 21st year as a funeral director.


After some changes with his family’s business to include the sale of the funeral home to a large corporation and now the sale of his family’s name on the old funeral home, Brian wants his longtime Riverside connections to realize something. The same Kuratko family is still conducting funeral services right here in the area. Brian, as you can see in his employment history, has never really “left” the Riverside community. Brian has adapted to several changes that were out of his control. Brian simply returned to his roots and opened Riverside Funeral Directors. Brian represents the third and possibly fourth generation (baby Brian born in 2008) of the Kuratko family to continue to serve families as we always have. Our main location is in Westchester but we have utilized funeral homes right here in Riverside and also Joliet, Lombard, Chicago (North and South) Darien, Willowbrook and Green Bay, Wisconsin. The Kuratko family will mobilize our services to mirror the transient nature of all families. We will come to you!


Please feel free to contact your homegrown local Riverside funeral director, no matter where you live, we can help. We have never left our Village in the Forest, you just have to look for us!

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